Wouter Vandenabeele



“Chansons pour la fin d'un jour” (Homerecords, 2011)

Solo CD “Chansons sans parole” (Homerecords, 2007)

La Musique d'Issa Mbaye Diary Sow, DOUMALE (homerocords 2009)

Ambrozijn, ambrozijn 1997 (wildboar music)

Ambrozijn, Naradie (Virgin, 2000)

Ambrozijn, Kabonka (wild boar music 2002)

Ambrozijn, “De Hertog van Brunswyck” (Eufoda, september 2003)

Ambrozijn, “Botsjeribo” (Kloefmusic, 2004)

Ambrozijn, “Krakalin” (Homerecords, 2006)

Ambrozijn “Live” 10 jaar (Homerecords, 2007)

Olla Vogala, live 1997 (map-records)


Wouter Vandenabeele is an internationally renowned violinist, arranger and composer. His productivity and versatility have reached tops during the last decade, in which he played concerts with the Senegalese traditional violinist Issa Sow and conducted the prestigious project Hadzidakis for the Olympic Games of Athens in (participants were among others Teresa Salgueiro, Lucilla Galeazzi, Joji Hirota, Kari Bremnes and Eva De Roovere).

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