CD Ghent Folk Violin Project

Saturday, 26 Oct 2013

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The Ghent Folk Violin Project started in 2012 and is an initiative of violinist/composer Wouter Vandenabeele, a fixed value in the Belgian folk and worldmusic scene. GFVP mixes traditional melodies with new compositions where the violin plays the important role. 


Each violin player contributes with it’s own style and background: Lotte Remmen with a beautiful classical tone, Naomi Vercauteren with a great folk swing and the jazz experience of Anouk Sanczuk. Wouter blends these sounds together with his own style that leans against all these styles.


Singer Hanneke Oosterlijnck shines out with beautiful interpretations of old texts. The whole group is supported by the skillfull guitar playing of Jeroen Knapen.





01. Wals voor Lotte en Alfons Deloor

02. Moordlied

03. In den verleden tijd

04. Moi je connais

05. Contredansen

06. De schipper

07. Er is maar een weg naar Hundelgem

08. Valse vigilante pour les annulaires qui disent non

09. Tatoeage

10. Mazurka van Zemst

11. Polonaises

12. Coureur

13. Steltendans uit Zoerle-Parwijs


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